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“Doreen DeAvery offers not only superb technical skills and creative insight, but is able to create visuals and graphics that explain complex information to judges, juries and clients in a fashion that no one can do so effectively.  Her exhibits have changed the outcome of cases and trials in favor of our clients.  She is a strategic partner.” 

Robert M. Howard, Partner, Latham and Watkins

“Doreen DeAvery has outperformed other graphic artists we previously retained.She illustrated complex intellectual property concepts for our global clients.She is meticulous, timely, creative and we enjoy working with her.I highly recommend her.”

Maria Bauz, Executive Director, Bauz IP Law

“I first worked with Doreen DeAvery in 1998 and she was instrumental in helping us achieve, at the time, the highest verdict awarded in a single plaintiff’s case. Doreen has a very sound thought process and gives a great jury perspective. The creativity that she contributes to the case as to how to present our positions and legal issues in the most simplistic terms is invaluable. I highly recommend her services.”

Dee Dee Everett, Paralegal

“I have worked with Doreen for many years to create demonstrative exhibits for hearings and trials. Doreen is a very talented designer.  But what is not obvious is Doreen’s ability to draw out the key facts of the case, and create exhibits that persuasively illustrate a client’s story.  I consider her a key partner for trial preparation.”

Daniel A. Kaplan, Attorney at Law

“The Court has found particularly helpful in this case the time line that was submitted…that has served all of the parties well in these proceedings and in the examination of witnesses and in dealing with the case.”

Judge Hoffman in his Statement of Decision for KIFM v. Marta Concha, et al

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